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jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Blurbs, Mermaid and an angry Boss!

Hi guys!

So I just came back from THU (Trojan Horse was a Unicorn) which must have been the BEST experience in my life so far!

I got to meet my idols, the best pros of the field, make new friends, talk and drink beers with the artists I've been looking up too for many years! It was an amazin, unique event and experience. If you're in the field of concept art or illustration and get the chance to go next year well.. You definitely should, you'd be doing yourself a favor!

Now I'm back, fully loaded with motivation, inspiration and good advice. I'm gonna try to do what I truly love to paint from now, dedicate more to my craft and just stay true to myself! 

So yeah, here's what I've been up to! Just having fun, doodling around and seing what I'd like to be doing for the coming weeks..

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